HireJayhawks.com is a an online platform customized to connect KU job seekers and prospective employers.

Existing Users

Login to your HireJayhawks.com account below. Make sure to select employer before entering your credentials.

New Users

Click on the “Register” tab to create a new account. Your username is your e-mail address, and you will receive an email containing your password.

The employer home page contains useful links and alerts unique to your account. You may also click on any of the options in the top navigation bar to direct you to the appropriate recruiting activities.

Getting Started

Create a Profile

  1. From “home,” click on “Profile” and “Who We Are”
  2. Complete sections of profile most relevant to your organization
  3. Select “Logo” tab in left-hand navigation under “Profile”
  4. Upload company logo to be displayed next to job postings in search lists
  5. Not all parts of the profile are necessary
  6. Remember to hit save before advancing to the next profile option

Post a Job

  1. From “home”, click on “Create Non-OCR Job Posting” quicklink
  2. You will be directed to the job postings page
  3. Enter the job details (title, description, etc.)
  4. Select the Submit button
  5. The job will be forwarded to the Engineering Career Center for approval
  6. When the position is approved you will receive notification via email

Request an Interview Schedule(s) and attach positions

  1. From “home”, select “Create New Schedule Request” to request an on campus interviewing schedule
  2. Complete the fields as prompted
  3. Please note - “OCR model” refers to the way in which you prefer to manage your interview schedule. For example, most schedules are “Preselect” or “Preselect to Alternate.” If you need assistance determining the appropriate model, please contact the ECC.
  4. Under “Positions Recruited” click “Add Item”
  5. After you have entered all position you wish to recruit for you will click “Submit”
  6. Your request is sent to the Engineering Career Center where it is reviewed and approved by an ECC staff member. You will receive a confirmation email notifying you when the schedule and positions have been approved.
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Download a pdf of the HireJayhawks.com Guide for more specific system details.