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Graduate Outcomes

Classes 2014-17* of Undergraduates

First destination outcome percentages for recent B.S. is usually in the low to mid 90s.  For example, 93% of the Class of 2017 had accepted positions (includes employers, military, service organizations like Peace Corps), continued their education, or other (such as starting their own company, etc.). 

B.S. recent graduates accepted positions at a wide variety of organizations and locations - typically about 60% stay in Kansas or the Kansas City metro area:  Examples of organizations they accepted positions at:

Approximately 1/5 of the graduating seniors pursued continuing education: Examples of educational institutions they attended:

*The graduating class year refers to students who graduate starting in the previous summer, includes the previous fall, and ends with the spring. For example, the Class of 2017 includes students who graduated in the summer of 2016, fall of 2016, and spring of 2017.


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